“I have worked with Nicole for a few months now and have gained so much. She has opened my eyes to how hurtful and ineffective my thoughts can be. She is teaching me how to observe and change that thought process in a way that makes me feel empowered and strong.”


“Nicole has been incredibly helpful these past 7 months. She has helped me work through underlying beliefs that lead to anxiety in my life. Nicole has coached me in areas of parenting, romance, finances, career & more. As a result of our weekly phone & video interactions, I have had moments of profound ease and contentment. She naturally sees things as they are and not as I would have her see them. With the utmost compassion, she helps me see how my thoughts are affecting my life. It’s incredibly empowering to realize I have a choice in how I think and how I feel. Anyone & everyone would benefit from working with Nicole.”


“Nicole is not only an amazing person, but she changed my life forever. This experience has caused me to look at life so much differently than before. I have so much more control of my life than I could have imagined and sometimes it takes someone like her to help you figure that out. I could not recommend her enough and will love her forever for all she has taught me. “

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